Authorization Specialist

A personal team member to help you receive a quick response on your prior authorization(s). This team member focuses on submitting approvals to your insurance company and will openly communicate with you, your provider, and your insurance about eligibility requirements and any other needed information to create the best results for your treatment.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

A personal team member who focuses on Co-Pay Assistance programs. Our team member(s) will help you in getting your medication at the lowest cost or possibly at no cost to you. (This option may differ, so please speak with a Patient Care Specialist to see if you qualify).

Medication Synchronization

A system that helps organize all of your medication(s) so that you’re able to receive them all at once. Since medications are also available for pick-up, this system will also help you in setting a date for pickup or delivery.

Monthly Follow-Up/Customer Survey

A member of our team will contact you to make sure you are happy with the medication treatment you and your provider have chosen. We will also be able to help your provider in making sure you are following your treatment plan correctly.

Relationship With Your Provider

We keep a strong relationship with your provider(s) and clinic. This helps us create the best possible results with your treatment by keeping your provider informed about your medication management.

Refill Reminder

This service keeps you on track with your refills so you don’t have to. This service also includes sharing information about any changes to your prescriptions or your responsibility for products and/or services.

Mail Order/Delivery

Let us reduce one stop on your busy schedule by delivering or shipping your medication(s) to your front door. Please open your package and review the contents immediately after you receive it to make sure your order is correct and complete. Please store your medication(s) as instructed, as soon as possible. Contact us right away to report missing or damaged contents.

Access to Limited Distribution Drug

There are some instances when we may not be able to order some medication(s). We will help your provider in locating a specialty pharmacy that will be able to fill your prescription in a timely manner.

Medication Substitution

We are aware that some medication(s) are not for everyone. We will inform you of the drug substitution agreements laid out by your health plan and help coordinate with your provider to find the best possible therapy for you.

Patient Disease and Medication Education

Preveon Specialty has clinical pharmacists to answer questions related to your specific disease state and medication education. We will work closely with your provider to give you any additional materials that will support your medication management.

Patient Management Program

All patients receiving specialty medication(s) are automatically enrolled in the Patient Management Program and may leave the program at any time by contacting Preveon Specialty. Patients who receive other non-specialty medication(s) are also given the option to be in the program. Patients will receive services specifically designed to their needs, the medications given, and the conditions for which the medications are prescribed. This service will also include a personalized Plan of Care which outlines the goals of therapy as well as the monitoring guidelines. Patients are asked to actively participate in their Plan of Care and to change the plan as they see fit.

Potential health benefits of the Patient Management Program can include the following: better management of side effects, increased understanding of therapy, smoother shifts between therapies, increased level of care due to better communication with providers, increased adherence, and overall betterment of health.

Potential limits of participating in the Patient Management Program can include the following: The Patient Management Program does not replace provider interactions and may require more time spent interacting with the specialty pharmacy.

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